Mission: To adopt and save as many as we can.

Helping those that are helpless because of who we are and reduce the number of homeless Siberian Huskies while improving the welfare and education of Domestic Animals.

Karen Ferreri-Miller founded Free Spirit Siberian Rescue in 1999. It was said that we work to foster Respect, Understanding and Compassion for all creatures, and the belief that all life is valuable and worthy of protection. Since the founding of Free Spirit, it has adopted more than 1070 dogs. In 2010, the most so far in any one-year, with the help and teamwork of Volunteer staff there were 163 adoptions.

Address: P.O. Box 626, Harvard, IL 60033
Fax #: (815) 943-5738

Adoption Info: adoptions@huskyrescue.org
By Owner Listings: Please Click Here
Events: mailto:events@huskyrescue.org
General Information: info@huskyrescue.org
Volunteer Information: volunteer@huskyrescue.org
Website: http://huskyrescue.org/


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